Final report / external evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) phase two, 2014-2019

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NIRAS Indevelop
This report presents the overall findings, conclusions and recommendations from the external evaluation of Phase Two (2014-2019) of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI). Conclusions related to effectiveness, outcomes and impact are presented, as well as lessons to be learned from the TTI experience. The Think Tank Initiative (TTI) was a remarkably ambitious, large and long-term effort with the purpose of supporting selected think tanks. It ran over a period of ten years (2008-2019) and provided support for 43 think tanks in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with a total budget of well over CAD 200 million. The overall goal was to strengthen independent policy research institutions in developing countries “to ensure that research results inform and influence national and regional policy debates”. The main part of the support provided consisted of core, non-earmarked funding. This modality was then combined with capacity development, monitoring and advisory support from TTI staff located in the different regions and from external experts, focusing on three broad areas: research methods and skills, policy engagement and communications and organizational effectiveness.