Antimicrobial activity of chemically and biologically treated chitosan prepared from black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) pupal shell waste

Show simple item record Lagat, Mevin Kiprotich Were, Samuel Ndwigah, Francis Kemboi, Violah Jepkogei Kipkoech, Carolyne Tanga, Chrysantus Mbi
dc.contributor.editor Ciani, Maurizio 2021-12-14T14:49:44Z 2021-12-14T14:49:44Z 2021-11-23
dc.description.abstract This study presents the first comparative analysis of chemical and biological extraction of chitin and chitosan from black soldier fly (BSF) pupal exuviae. The antibacterial activity of chitosan was also evaluated. Chemical and biological extraction gave a chitin yield of 10.18% and 11.85%, respectively. Biological extraction gives high yields as compared to chemical extraction and can be used as an alternative method since it is inexpensive and eco‐friendly. A maximum chitosan yield of 6.58% was achieved via chemical treatment. The findings demonstrate that chitosan from BSF pupal exuviae could become a novel therapeutic agent for drug development against resistant strains of bacteria. en
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dc.title Antimicrobial activity of chemically and biologically treated chitosan prepared from black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) pupal shell waste en
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