Adoption of healthy and sustainable diets in Mexico does not imply higher expenditure on food

Show simple item record Batis, Carolina Marrón-Ponce, Joaquín A. Stern, Dalia Vandevijvere, Stefanie Barquera, Simón Rivera, Juan A. 2021-11-09T07:23:30Z 2021-11-09T07:23:30Z 2021-09-30
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dc.description.abstract The study/article concludes that transitioning to better diets in Mexico is possible without a higher expenditure on food. The International Network for Food and Obesity/ Non-Communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support (INFORMAS) framework proposes a novel methodology and tool called DIETCOST. The study compared the cost of biweekly diet baskets created with INFORMAS’s DIETCOST tool. Additional research could analyse across other countries’ healthy and unhealthy diet baskets with a nutritional composition specific for each country, and baskets comparable across countries. The article provides details of the study, outcomes and recommendations for further research. en
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dc.title Adoption of healthy and sustainable diets in Mexico does not imply higher expenditure on food en
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