Integrating insects in poultry and fish feeds in Kenya and Uganda

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dc.description.abstract To reduce costs for small-scale producers and redirect food crops currently used as livestock feed toward human consumption, researchers in Kenya and Uganda are testing the feasibility of using insects rather than soybeans and fish meal for raising poultry and fish. This one-page brief explains the project objectives and agenda. en
dc.description.sponsorship Cultivate Africa’s Future Fund (CULTIAF)
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dc.subject INSECTS AS FEED en
dc.subject INSECTS en
dc.subject POULTRY en
dc.subject FISH FARMING en
dc.subject ANIMAL FEEDING en
dc.subject KENYA en
dc.subject UGANDA en
dc.subject SOUTH OF SAHARA en
dc.title Integrating insects in poultry and fish feeds in Kenya and Uganda en
dc.type Project Brief en
idrc.project.number 107839
idrc.project.componentnumber 107839001
idrc.project.title Insect Feed for Poultry and Fish Production in Kenya and Uganda en
idrc.copyright.oapermissionsource CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 en
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