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    Social safety net reform in Sri Lanka
    (2022-08-05) Hurulle, Gayani
    This presentation provides information on the need for social safety net reform in Sri Lanka. Several events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, fertilizer bans, and fuels shortages have thrown millions into poverty. The efficacy of various poverty reduction programmes is examined.
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    Gender and digital access gaps and barriers in Asia : but what about after Access?
    (2022-10) Galpaya, Helani; Zainudeen, Ayesha
    This paper explores the gender gaps in digital access and the underlying reasons for those gaps in the global South. It shows that over time some progress in closing those gaps in certain parts of South Asia, however it then goes on to argue that getting women simply connected is not the end goal. By examining the cases of India and Sri Lanka, the paper then identifies two key barriers to women’s meaningful access, specifically knowledge/awareness and digital skills barriers. The evidence shows that in these countries, the levels of digital skills and awareness of digital opportunities (such as online freelancing, using platforms to sell goods/services) are particularly low. The paper argues that in order to be digitally empowered, women need to firstly be aware of the possibilities of being online and have the necessary skills to enrich that experience.
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    Samurdhi banks should not have monopoly on distributing welfare benefits
    (2022-10-26) Hurulle, Gayani
    Samurdhi banks in Sri Lanka have been used exclusively as distribution points for the monthly cash transfers. Senior citizens’ allowances, PWD benefits, and kidney patients’ allowances were disbursed via post offices, State banks and divisional secretariats, respectively. There is a distinct lack of cohesion in the delivery mechanisms, a symptom of a broader issue – a fragmented social welfare system. So, streamlining delivery through a single channel looks like a good decision. While efforts to streamline delivery are commendable, giving a monopoly to Samurdhi banks is not the solution.
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    National fuel pass - roadblocks to inclusion
    (2022-07-22) Amarasinghe, Tharaka
    In 2022, the Ministry of Power and Energy in Sri Lanka launched the National Fuel Pass – a QR code-based system to tackle the ongoing and ever worsening queues for purchase fuel in Sri Lanka. This system requires those signing up to use a smartphone, or an internet accessible device to register for the service. However, only 78% of the vehicle owning households own such internet accessible devices and are at risk of being left behind.