Protein mass spectrometry detects multiple bloodmeals for enhanced Chagas disease vector ecology

Show simple item record Keller, Judith I. Lima-Cordón, Raquel Monroy, M. Carlota Schmoker, Anna M. Zhang, Fan Howard, Alan Ballif, Bryan A. Stevens, Lori 2019-09-05T16:12:34Z 2019-09-05T16:12:34Z 2019-08-07
dc.identifier.issn 1567-1348
dc.description.abstract Ecohealth-based approaches have been recognized as a sustainable method of Chagas disease control. Bloodmeal data and vector prevalence of various hosts fosters an understanding of local vector ecology and behavior. This detailed paper provides validation of the ability to detect multiple bloodmeals using synthetic hemoglobin reference peptides (SRPs) that differ among the previously reported most common bloodmeals. The study shows the superior ability of hemoglobin peptide-based LC-MS/MS to detect and identify Chagas disease vector bloodmeal sources (of field-collected Triatomine vectors from Guatemala), compared to classical DNA-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR). en
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dc.subject TAXONOMY en
dc.subject HEMOGLOBIN en
dc.subject GUATEMALA en
dc.subject LATIN AMERICA en
dc.title Protein mass spectrometry detects multiple bloodmeals for enhanced Chagas disease vector ecology en
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idrc.project.title Ecohealth Interventions for Chagas Disease Prevention in Central America en
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