Developing care : recent research on the care economy and economic development

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dc.description.abstract This paper contextualizes and reviews recent research on unpaid care work in the Global South, with a particular focus on projects funded through the multi-donor Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) program and IDRC. It offers a typology of paid and unpaid, market and non-market work activities and how they are counted—or overlooked—in current systems of National Accounts, with implications of these gaps. In the past five years, a large portfolio of projects brings unpaid care provision to the center of research on gender and development, and raises important questions about the definition of economic development itself. en
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dc.subject UNPAID WORK en
dc.subject CARE ECONOMY en
dc.subject SOUTH OF SAHARA en
dc.subject GLOBAL SOUTH en
dc.subject SOUTH ASIA en
dc.subject SOCIAL SAFETY NETS en
dc.subject GENDER ROLES en
dc.subject LABOUR POLICY en
dc.subject ECONOMIC REFORM en
dc.title Developing care : recent research on the care economy and economic development en
dc.type Synthesis Report en
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idrc.project.title Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women: Supporting Program Excellence en
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