Patterns of income inequality in Brazil : recent evolution; project paper D (Brazil)

Show simple item record Cacciamali, Maria Cristina de Freitas Barbosa, Alexandre Tatei, Fabio Prates, Ian Chang Magda Cury, Eduardo 2016-01-04T15:22:55Z 2016-01-04T15:22:55Z 2015 2015-10
dc.description.abstract This paper aims to identify both new and persistent patterns of inequality in order to show how spatial and social cleavages have been reorganized, as well as the orientation of the country’s class structure. Inequality estimates in wages are utilized, with the aim of measuring whether the patterns of inequality between wage earners are different from the inequality for the total workforce. Relationships between changes in income distribution profiles and in occupational and class structure reflect that in spite of some significant changes in race-class inequality, there still persists an important dimension for the continuation of original class inequality. en
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dc.publisher Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, IN en
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dc.title Patterns of income inequality in Brazil : recent evolution; project paper D (Brazil) en
dc.title.alternative IHD-Cebrap project on Labour Market Inequality in Brazil and India en
dc.type Synthesis Report en
idrc.project.number 106919
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idrc.project.componentnumber 106919002
idrc.project.title Labour Market Inequality in Brazil and India: A Comparative Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) Study en
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