Sexual violence and conflict in Africa : building a research collaboration

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dc.description.abstract Fostering research collaborations between African-based researchers, civil society organizations and policy makers is at the heart of this project. The topic of sexual violence linked to armed conflict is currently the focus of increased scholarly research and internationalized policy responses. This climate of heightened activity has underscored the need for good quality research, from multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research teams. This project centered on a two-day meeting in Bujumbura, Burundi, 21-23 February 2013, designed to facilitate research contacts between African-based civil society activists and researchers from universities and other institutions, and to lay the groundwork for multi-disciplinary research collaborations on the theme of economies of sexual violence. The workshop, and resulting network, has helped to stimulate new research collaborations on sexual violence and economic sectors, such as mineral extraction, and on research design and methodology issues relating to women and post-conflict economies. en
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dc.title Sexual violence and conflict in Africa : building a research collaboration en
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