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Social networks, research evidence, and innovation in health policymaking in Burkina Faso

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dc.description.abstract Few attempts have been made to collect data on national-level policy-makers’ networks; this thesis aims to understand the exchange and use of research evidence in policy networks, a critical substantive gap, and uses social network analysis (SNA) to study national health policy networks and their outcomes, which will improve the generalizability, as well as overall usefulness, of SNA of policy-making. Efforts must be made to create a policymaking culture where policy actors can confidently demand research towards evidence, as part of policy making processes, and where they are willing to use political capital to request and provide it. en
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dc.publisher McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, CA en
dc.subject THESIS en
dc.subject POLICY MAKING en
dc.subject HEALTH POLICY en
dc.subject SOCIAL NETWORKS en
dc.subject BURKINA FASO en
dc.title Social networks, research evidence, and innovation in health policymaking in Burkina Faso en
dc.title.alternative Policy networks, evidence and innovation in Burkina Faso en
dc.type Thesis en
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