Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanizing Watersheds (ACCUWa) : situation in Arkavathy basin

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dc.description PowerPoint presentation en
dc.description Meeting: June 18-20, 2013 en
dc.description.abstract The research entailed a comparative study of climate change‐water vulnerability and adaptation in two urbanizing watersheds. The presentation underlines multiple levels of complexity where the approach of blindly applying historical rainfall‐runoff relationships to predict future water supply are no longer valid. With climate change, multiple scales of vulnerability need also be factored in: climate variability occurs at the basin scale, whereas vulnerability is experienced at the household scale. As well, different areas of the watershed are vulnerable to different supply variability pathways. A new approach to planning for climate vulnerability will encompass multiple stressors. en
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dc.publisher Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment en
dc.subject WATERSHED en
dc.subject URBANIZATION en
dc.subject INDIA en
dc.subject PERI-URBAN AREAS en
dc.subject RIVER BASINS en
dc.subject WATER SUPPLY en
dc.subject GROUNDWATER en
dc.subject SOUTH ASIA en
dc.subject WATER MANAGEMENT en
dc.subject BANGALORE en
dc.title Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanizing Watersheds (ACCUWa) : situation in Arkavathy basin en
dc.type Presentation en
idrc.project.number 106248
idrc.project.title Water Security in Periurban South Asia : Adapting to Climate Change and Urbanization en
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