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Levers for change : philanthropy in select South East Asian countries; final technical report (July, 2013 - January, 2014)

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dc.contributor.editor Hayling, Crystal 2014-02-18T19:13:09Z 2014-02-18T19:13:09Z 2014 2014
dc.description.abstract Explosive economic growth in South East Asia has resulted in unparalleled wealth creation. Forbes magazine reports there are 386 billionaires in the Asia Pacific region. While the region’s emerging economies report hopeful signs of a broadening middle class, income inequality is rising faster than living standards for the majority. There is widespread agreement that the stark income disparity must be addressed or it risks threatening political and social stability. Where previous studies profiled the characteristics and motivations of Asia’s wealthiest givers, this report examines the public policies influencing those charitable decisions to assess whether those policies are helping or hindering the growth of philanthropy. This study looked at four of the largest economies in South East Asia: Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Overall, this study found the environment for philanthropy in the region to be quite challenging. Tax policies are either neutral or ineffective in incentivising philanthropy; opportunities for the charitably-minded to gain the skills necessary to address complex social problems are lacking; partnerships between civil society organisations and funders that enhance the capabilities of each other are rare; and the data that would assist the nascent field in quickly prototyping and innovating are non-existent and to some extent resisted. en
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dc.title Levers for change : philanthropy in select South East Asian countries; final technical report (July, 2013 - January, 2014) en
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idrc.project.title Anchoring Singapore Philanthropy in Southeast Asia en
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