Final report on agroforestry Malaysia (study 4) for the period of Dec. 18, 1991 to Dec. 18, 1994

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dc.description.abstract A recent survey showed that 90% of 113700 ha of tin tailings remain barren and unproductive. Realising the importance and development of rehabilitating degraded lands for agroforestry practices, the lnternatio11al Research Center (IDRC) together with Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) have jointly embarked on a agroforestry project for the rehabilitation of tin tailings. The study conducted by FRIM was specifically aimed at developing a cost effective silvicultural technique for rehabilitation of sand tailing. Four selected multipurpose tree species, namely Melia indica, Acacia auriculiformis, A. mangium and Casuarina equisetifolia were planted at low and high sites of sand tailings, at 1.5 m and 7.5 m above standing water level (a.s.w.l.). respectively, in Malim Nawar, Perak. In addition, A. auriculiformis and A. mangium were also planted at low and high sites of sand tailings, at 1 and 3 m a.s.w.l. respectively, at Satang Berjuntai, Selangor. The effect of soil conditioner was also examined for A. aurlculiformis on sand tailings in Satang Berjuntai. Soil composition, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil chemical properties were also examined for both study sites. Survival and growth parameters such as collar diameter increment and top height increment were also assessed and analysed. At one year after planting, data on physiological parameters involving transpiration and photosynthesis were also collected and analysed, but only from the plots at Malim Nawar. Both study sites at Malim Nawar and Satang Berjuntai are typical sand tailings with more than 95% sand. Sand dunes higher than 3 m a.s.w.l. experienced water deficits in dry day at 15 em depth. Acute water deficits were observed on sand dune with higher percentage of coarse sand. Higher maximum temperature was also recorded at the high sites of sand dunes. Sand tailings has lowered nutrient contents compared to natural forest. Freshly mined-over sand tailings at Satang Berjuntai was observed to be very poor in nutrient contents. At 12 and 30 months after planting, A. auriculiformis has significantly the best survival, collar diameter increment and top height increment at low and high sites of Malim Nawar, Perak and Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. The potential of A. auriculiformis is further supported by having significantly higher water use efficiency (net photosynthesis rate/transpiration rate) compared to A. mangium at all sites. A. mangium when it was freed from defoliators showed prominent growth at low site of sand dune. Though without statistically evidence, individuals of A. hybrid found amongst the A. auriculiformis has better growth than A. auriculiformis at all sites. It was necessary to add soil conditioner for tree planting on sand tailing and the sand dune height no higher than 1.5 m a.s.w.l was recommended. At freshly mined-over site, application of soil conditioner was necessary even after crown closure. Outputs from this study were two scientific publications. Based on the study, a cost effective technique has been developed for tree planting on sand tailing. en
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dc.title Final report on agroforestry Malaysia (study 4) for the period of Dec. 18, 1991 to Dec. 18, 1994 en
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