Red Queen and the seed bank : pathogen resistance of ex situ and in situ conserved barley

Show simple item record Jensen, Helen R. Dreiseitl, Antonín Sadiki, Mohammed Schoen, Daniel J. 2012-03-26T14:30:02Z 2012-03-26T14:30:02Z 2011
dc.identifier.issn 1752-4571
dc.description.abstract The study tests collections of a traditional variety of Moroccan barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare) conserved ‘ex situ’ to show differences in qualitative and quantitative resistance to an endemic fungal pathogen. Seeds from agricultural species are typically collected and stored in institutional seed banks, or ‘ex situ’ conservation. Plant geneticists have proposed that the dynamic conservation of crop plants in farm environments (in situ conservation) may help ensure adaptation to changing conditions. Results show some significant differences between in situ and ex situ conserved collections from the same localities. However, the small number of differences for qualitative resistance was unexpected. en
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dc.title Red Queen and the seed bank : pathogen resistance of ex situ and in situ conserved barley en
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