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Research information Services for urban agriculture and environment in cities of Kenya: empowering through knowledge sharing : project technical report

Show simple item record Nyang’wara, Maureen K. Kirigua, Violet Kaburu, Purity Mugo, Peris Macharia, John M. 2010-08-04T19:53:23Z 2010-08-04T19:53:23Z 2007
dc.description.abstract Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA) is defined as any farming activity in an urban setup and its environs. The last two decades have witnessed tremendous increase in Kenyan urban populations leading to escalated demand for food, health services, water, sewerage and other socio-economic infrastructures. Consequently, food production in open urban spaces, along river courses and rail reserves has intensified as means to mitigate food insecurity, unemployment and poverty created by the increasing population. This has led to the need to develop strategies to address the issues of Urban Agriculture and Environment (UAE). The study therefore aimed at determining the current status of UAE in major cities of Kenya as a basis for the establishment of an inter-agency and multi-stakeholder consolidated information system and also to enhance dissemination of information through sharing and networking among stakeholders. It was undertaken in the three major cities of Kenya, Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. Methods used were a situation analysis survey, stakeholder analysis, inventory of past interventions and study tours. It was found that UAE is a widespread practice in all three cities of Kenya and it has positive impacts leading to better nutrition, poverty alleviation and employment creation amongst the urban populations. Various stakeholders are involved in UAE and many programs have been undertaken in UAE, however there is no coordination leading to duplication and waste of resources. There is poor access to information, markets, inputs, cash, credit and microfinance is wanting. Other key constraints include: pests and diseases, insecurity, access to land and high cost of inputs. Opportunities include access to niche markets, vacant plots, support services, established networks, and producer groups, availability of solid and liquid waste and presence of financial institutions. An information network for UAE was created to systematize research, extension, and development programmes. The study recommends characterization of urban farming systems, priority setting and development of a policy and regulatory framework for UAE in Kenya. It provides areas of consideration for policy development. en
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dc.title Research information Services for urban agriculture and environment in cities of Kenya: empowering through knowledge sharing : project technical report en
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idrc.project.title Research Information Services for Urban Agriculture and Environment (Kenya) en
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