Scoping study on China’s economic relations with Sub-Saharan Africa

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dc.description A scoping study on China’s economic relations with Sub-Saharan Africa, prepared for the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). en
dc.description.abstract The external trade data published in the Government of the Republic of Namibia’s National Accounts do not indicate destinations of Namibia’s exports or countries of origin of its imports; but it is most likely that the diamond exports from South Africa to China include diamonds from Namibia. Namibia has been exporting copper and copper alloys to China with a market share of 20.41%. Chinese companies are often accused of not adhering to the country’s labour laws, which leads to exploitation of workers. It has been observed that recourse to China’s court system is often not effective. More detailed studies are needed. en
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dc.title Scoping study on China’s economic relations with Sub-Saharan Africa en
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idrc.project.title Impact of China on sub-Saharan Africa : Country Case Studies en
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