Strengthening climate change adaptation research : mobilizing and enabling international research partnerships; the summary report on the international workshop, 6-7 Feb. 2007, Ottawa, Canada

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dc.description.abstract As highlighted in the recent Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there is unequivocal scientific evidence that global climate is changing. Although one cannot predict exactly how the climate will change, or where and when it will be felt most severely, it is an inescapable fact that change will occur because of anthropogenic causes. Both Canada and less developed countries need to understand how societies and economies can minimize the negative long-term consequences of these changes by developing effective adaptation measures. Canada, and all other industrialized countries, have both a moral responsibility and vested interests in helping others plan for adaptation to ongoing climate change. The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) convened this meeting to explore ways to mobilize and organize international research partnerships involving Canadian researchers and funding partners. Presentations of both regional and thematic perspectives were followed by discussion of research priorities and the elements and modalities that would constitute effective research partnerships. Participants agreed that there is a range of activities where collaboration between researchers from Canada and developing countries will bring mutual benefits and could facilitate progress to solve some of the most urgent problems that people from the South and the North are facing now as a consequence of changes in the climate. General consensus was that multidisciplinary, action research was a prerequisite to success. This research will be far from easy; it will indeed be scientifically challenging. Canadian researchers have much to gain from interaction with Southern researchers, who have, in many cases, made advances in methodological approaches to this type of research. Important for success are mechanisms to engage Canadian and Southern scientists in discussions of areas of interest and to facilitate funding collaboration among Canada’s major grant-making institutions. Young researchers and students are key resources and will play central roles in the process. This meeting was a first step in the creation of an international dialogue to engage community leaders, scientists, and political decision-makers and policymakers in a process of research-based adaptation to the problems associated with global climate change. To continue this effort, IDRC will soon convene a second meeting among potential Canadian funding partners to explore the mechanics and details of an initiative to encourage and support international research partnerships around adaptation to climate change, and will continue to keep participants informed of future developments. This report outlines the context and objectives of the meeting, highlights key points made during presentations, and proposes the next steps in mobilizing international research partnerships related to climate change adaptation. en
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dc.title Strengthening climate change adaptation research : mobilizing and enabling international research partnerships; the summary report on the international workshop, 6-7 Feb. 2007, Ottawa, Canada en
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