Assessment of health students performance by the community using perceived quality of care model

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dc.description.abstract The trend in medical education and in general, among health professionals, is based, on the current changes of health systems aimed to improve relevance equity, and cost effectiveness of health care. With respect to human health resources, there is lack of agreement among the competence level, performance and the needs of both the system using them and the target population. Therefore, it is important and necessary to consider both the community and health services as partners in the task of defining these changes and in the provision of health services to meet the above mentioned criteria. The main purpose of this partnership is to encourage efforts to promote, oversee, and apply the actions in each one of the instances in order to improve training of human resource, strengthen local health systems, and empower the communities. Human resource competence and performance, the capacity to provide services, and the degree of community participation and commitement to health, are key elements in improving service quality. The philosophy of current curricula reform at the Valle University stresses the partnership relationship between academic institutions, services centers, and the community, in the training of health professionals. The proposed investigation focuses on the community-based training aspect of student performance assessment and its relation to the health care system and academia. Specifically, the study will focus on designing valid and reliable instruments for community assessment of student performance, using both qualitative and quantitative aspects of data collection and analysis to assess "patient satisfaction" as an indicator of quality of care. The results of this study demonstrate that the proposed assessment activity will allow the educational and health services institutions to have relevant and dynamic information as feedback for planning and adjustment of their programs. At the same time, it will allow the community to participate in an effective way in aspects related to their health care. The results of this study will be used as a basis for producing guidelines for involving communities (users) in the health care students evaluation process. en
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dc.title Assessment of health students performance by the community using perceived quality of care model en
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